How it all began...

I guess since this is my first blog entry, I should sort of give you the run down on who I am and what I am doing writing something called Get Clueless.

My name is Claire Collins and I’m a junior at Watkins Prep where I work on the school newspaper. My job used to be just editorial stuff. Helping with articles, editing, checking out potential stories. You know, the usual stuff that would look good on the college application -- but it was also pretty fun because I got to do it with two of my buddies --Bennett and Will -- and while it might be dorky to admit, I really like writing and reading. So it seemed like a pretty good idea.

But then I was asked to write the advice column for our paper.

This, I contend, was and still is a terrible idea. The advice columnist is supposed to have all the answers. Be part of the crowd that knows about the stuff that happens in the hallways, on the playing fields, and at all the parties. I’m so not part of that crowd. Luckily my best friend Lottie definitely is and sometimes lets me tag along, but for the most part, my idea of a good Saturday is spending the day at the barn or maybe watching a marathon of cheesy horror movies on the SyFy channel.

Nonetheless, looks like I don’t have a choice. Dr. Schaberg suggested it in the way you know is not just a suggestion -- and so here I am, dispensing advice. I figured starting this blog was an easy way to get people to send me questions in-between issues of the paper and then, if I could answer them in an even remotely intelligible way, some of them might end up in the next print issue.

So there you have it. This is Get Clueless. So, if you have questions you want me to answer (even if you don’t go to Watkins) send them my way and I’ll do my best. But I make no promises. I’m giving the caveat now that I’m probably as Clueless, if not more clueless, than you.


  1. I just started reading 'Tweet Heart' (on page 61) and loving it! My sister just finished and loved it too.

  2. I read this book Yesterday and today... Barely put it down until I was finished! Truely insiring!

  3. Just stared reading tweet heart like half an hour ago and its amazing i luv it!!!!!