It’s Raining Questions! Sort of...

Tonight’s entry is going to be a short one. Spent the afternoon at the barn and am wiped but... I have good news! I got my first question here on the blog. True, the questions aren’t so much pouring in as trickling, but it’s a start. And I’ll take it.

So here is the question that I got last night and was featured in today’s issue of Watkins Weekly. Take a look and remember to be kind. I’m new at this advice thing!

What is the appropriate first date behavior--knock on the front door or wait outside and honk?

-Confused Dude at the Curb

Dear Confused,

Simple. You HAVE to knock and go inside. If you don’t, the girl doesn’t get her staircase moment. And EVERY girl wants a staircase moment.

There it is! My first question from the interwebz! (Although I have a feeling I know who sent that gem! Was that you Will Parker?) What do you think?

And just because I feel like there should be more than one Q&A, here is another one that was featured in the paper:

Dear Clueless,

Is it true that peanut butter can cure hickeys? My older sister told me that it was a surefire plan...

-All Marked Up

Dear All Marked Up,

I’ve had about as many hickeys as I’ve had shark encounters, scuffles with seriel killers, Olympic gold medal performances, and vampire run-ins. Which is to say, none at all. Although I am a big fan of scarves, so I imagine that if I did find myself with a purple neck, I would go that route instead of reaching for the peanut butter.

However, if you set on the nuttier method (pun intended), I would advise doing a “test patch” like they tell you to do when you use hair dye or home-waxing kits. I’d suggest not just globbing and going. You might get a bigger bite taken out if you stumble upon a particularly hungry soccer player. Or worse, your hickey giver could come back and who knows? He or she might have a peanut allergy and explaining that one to an emergency room doctor is something I CAN’T help with. No one, except maybe one of those vampires I haven’t met, wants to risk being involved in a fatal neck-sucking session. And I’m guessing you are not a vampire. Or are you?

After careful consideration, I’ve decided on my final answer. Wear a scarf. Or a turtleneck. Or both. You will be fashionable and discreet.

That’s all I got in me tonight. Here’s to being Clueless!


  1. Hi. I was wondering that after tweet heart, will you write a sequel or a different story completely?


  2. Hey! I wanna try and post a question, just to see if you would answer it. You see, I like this guy, but I just moved here. He's my neighbor and we see each other a lot and talk about so many random things and everyone says that he likes me. But I can't be sure and am really scared of rejection if I ever decide to tell him, and I don't want to end up in a situation where he never talks to me again. So please please answer! Should I tell him or not?

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