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Welcome back!

Since it is still early yet and no one has sent in any questions, I thought I’d give you a kind of tour of my world. It won’t take long, trust me. Like I said before, my world is pretty tiny.

So let’s start with my family. It’s just me and my mom. She and dad split a while ago and he got remarried to a lovely young woman (emphasis on young, sarcasm on the lovely). I don’t see much of him and the new family as I live with mom. For a mom, she’s pretty cool. Let’s me sort of do my thing most of the time and she supports my horse habit so I guess for that I owe her big time. Which leads me to Maverick. He’s my boy. He’s a bay thoroughbred about 16.2 hands tall (big) with white on his feet and a little star on his forehead. I got him when I was 13 in sort of the post-divorce-we-want-to-make-Claire- feel-good-about-herself-time and he’s been a savior.

Then there are my friends. Lottie is my BFF. She is completely 100% boy crazy, a kick-butt lacrosse player, beautiful, funny, and popular. (i.e. The polar opposite of me!) She also knows how to give it to me exactly how it is, has the ability to talk me into really bad ideas (like hair cuts, asking people out, sneaking out of the house), and is the most loyal and wonderful BFF a girl could ask for. Did I mention she is boy crazy? She and my best guy friend Bennett do NOT get along. Like, at all. They tolerate each other for my sake but they are definition of opposite. Bennett is a tech geek, a sci-fi geek, a movie geek, and general all-around geek. But he’s a good guy and totally smart and fun to hang out with. Plus, I’ve known him since the womb so we are sort of stuck with each other. And then there is Will. He’s the one I’ve known the least amount of time but he and Benn are the boy version of me and Lottie so since high school started, we’ve been spending a lot more time together. He’s not nearly as dorky as Benn but loves his geeky stuff on the occasion and saves me from the sci-fi debates I don’t want to participate in. He’s tall and lanky and looks sort of like that guy from 10 Things I Hate About You. He’s usually pretty quiet but he makes me laugh which is always nice. And not laugh in the roll my eyes sort of way dear Benn makes me do. There’s just something about Will that is well...nice.

So that’s the crew. We are all juniors. We all live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and we all hope to get out someday. But that remains to be seen...I’m still not sure this advice column thing is going to win me any scholarships!

Send me questions! Please?

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